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Kingzo ®Electrical Film Reeler

★Short circuit proof

No transformer needed, saving cost and convenient

Big torque, compact and durable

3 years warranty

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1. Product List 

   GMA40-S, GMA60-S, GMA100-S,  GMA100-S-K, GMA120-S-A1, GMA120-D(Double output shaft)

2. Product Feature 

1) Overload-proof: when the load is 1.5 times the rated torque, the overload protection device       will start, the motor will stop, after 5-6 minutes, the motor will restart, this will prevent the         motor from burning down.

2) Cost saving and convenient: directly connected with 220V power, no transformer needed,           and saving the cable and installation cost

3) Big Torque: customized motors, high efficiency, high overload capacity Compact and                 durable, 3 years warranty. 

3. DC24V and AC220V Reeler Solution Cost Comparison

 Calculation based on a project that requires 100 pcs 100w reelers and 80m cables:


 Conclusion: AC220V Reeler Solution cost is 20%-40% less than DC24V Reeler Solution.

4. Development History  

 1) In 2003, the electrical film reeler was developed by Beijing Fenglong.

 2) Till 2006, Kingzo reelers has been exported to more than 20 countries, mainly Japan, USA.

 3) In 2008,a total of 10000 sets were sold to Japan market.

 4) In 2013, an innovative Kingzo AC220 series was developed.

 5) In 2017, Kingzo reelers sold out 80000 sets, annual production capacity reached 1500000 sets. 


5. Why Kingzo Film Reelers ?  

1) Quality: Kingzo electrical film reeler 100% inspected before shipment, and 10 years traceable archive file kept for each reeler.

2) R&D: FLC keep investing in improving and developing new models. FLC R&D team is joined by excellent engineers from both domestic and Japan.

3) Recognition by Market: Thru years of efforts, our products have been widely recognized by clients all over the world, including leading greenhouse constructors and growers, like Netafim, Richel, Haygrove, etc.